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Swimming Hole Heaven in Southern NSW (inland)
Your guide to the best swimming holes

Swimming Hole Heaven in Southern NSW (inland) Swimming holes in southern inland New South Wales (west of the Great Dividing Range) include several spots along the River Murray and a warm spring south of Canberra. Some of these swimming spots are in wilderness areas. The best time of year for swimming in the outdoors in this region is roughly from September to April, when the weather is at its warmest and days above 30 degrees are possible across most of the region. Peak swimming conditions occur in summer and early Autumn from December to March, however in drought years swimming holes in some of the smaller streams and lakes can dry up in late summer and autumn in this area.
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Click on the heading of each location to find your next swimming day trip or holiday destination or alternatively search by map. Swim safe, have fun and remember that no matter how cold the water is, it's alright once you're in!

River Murray at Moama Beach

Swimming Hole Heaven - River Murray at Moama Beach This is the main swimming beach on the NSW/Victoria border in Echuca-Moama along the mighty River Murray. Watch out for the passing paddlesteamers and stay close to the shore in the strong current here…

River Murray at Mulwala Lake Pool

Swimming Hole Heaven - River Murray at Mulwala Lake Pool Similar in concept to sea baths but on a lake, the Mulwala Lake Pool lets you swim in the mighty River Murray without all the hassles of strong currents and submerged branches and stumps. It's fifty metres with a hand rail all around…

River Murray at Tocumwal Beaches

Swimming Hole Heaven - River Murray at Tocumwal Beaches You could easily spend a week or two exploring the dozens of sandy beaches along this stretch of the River Murray - here are my experiences at one of the most popular for swimming, located a stone's throw from the main street…

Yarrangobilly Thermal Pool

This man-made pool in a natural bush setting south of Canberra, in the Yarrangobilly Caves area of the Kosciuszko National Park, is situated over a natural spring that heats the water year round for a warmer outdoor swim, even in cold weather…

Swimming Holes in Canberra and the ACT

Swimming Hole Heaven in Canberra and the ACT There are several more swimming holes within the Australian Capital Territory, which is enclosed within southern New South Wales. You can select these swims, including several along the Murrumbidgee River, on the Canberra and the ACT home page

Each swimming spot includes a link to swimming safety information. Please make sure you read that information before you head out.

I'm always interested in hearing about and visiting new swimming holes, so feel free to share them with me and suggest a swim.

Want to take a swimming holiday in Victoria?

Freshwater Swimming Holes in Victoria After more than a decade of research, here are my top 50 swimming holes in Victoria. Make the most of your holiday when you head south of the border, including some swims that are within easy reach of southern NSW.

Too cold for a swim? Visit a waterfall

Waterfall Seasons - The Waterfall Guide My companion website Waterfall Seasons - The Waterfall Guide lists all of the waterfalls that I have visited during my search for swimming holes. You can swim at some of them, but most are just for viewing and admiring. Great for a day trip when it's too chilly to get into the water.

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