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Tekapo Springs
Canterbury Region, New Zealand

Tekapo Springs is all about the views. Nestled into the side of a pine forest mountain and overlooking Lake Tekapo across to a snow capped divide, this is possibly the most spectacular vantage point from any hot spring in New Zealand. A warm water spout flowing into the main thermal pool at Tekapo Springs Above: A warm water spout flowing into the main thermal pool at Tekapo Springs (Order this image)

As an added bonus, because the water is actually from an ice cold glacial spring (see below for more details), the managing authority advises that you can put your head under the water, because it is free from the water borne pathogens that are often present in naturally hot springs in New Zealand.
This is great for when you want to quickly unfreeze your brain and warm up your ears in winter. The warm water spouts that fill the pools gently massage your shoulders as you take in the views.

For swimmers, Tekapo Springs offers only limited opportunities to swim strokes, as the majority of the pools are fairly small and congested due to its popularity. The relatively new Godley Deep Pool provides an opportunity to stretch out a bit more, but it's a lot cooler than the other bathing pools, so is only comfortable for swimming in warmer months. The operating temperatures of the pools is 36 to 40 degrees celsius (97-104 degrees fahrenheit) in winter, and 33 to 39 degrees celsius (91-102 degrees fahrenheit) in summer, with the aqua play area and adjacent deeper water pool operating at 28 degrees celsius (82 degrees fahrenheit). The magnificent view from the aqua play area at Tekapo Springs Above: The magnificent view from the aqua play area at Tekapo Springs (Order this image)

The best time of year to visit is probably in late Autumn and early Spring, when the weather is cool but not freezing, and you can enjoy all of the pools. When I last visited in mid-winter, not all the pools were open, and the cooler pools, which are equivalent in temperature to what you would find in many indoor lap pools, were simply too cold to spend any time in.
If you visit over the cooler months you can combine your swim with an ice skate on the Olympic size outdoor rink. As a separate attraction in summer, a 50 metre long inflatable water slide occupies the area otherwise covered by the skating rink.

According to the managing authority, the spring water itself is actually extremely cold glacial water. The heat in the springs only exists because of the ice rink and possibly (I'm speculating here) an excess of over-enthusiastic hydro-electric engineers looking for a side project. The natural spring that spills from the side of the mountain fills the ice skating rink (and previously filled rinks that used to exist at lower elevations), which then freezes over in winter. However in response to changes in climate and warming temperatures, an artificial cooling system was introduced to ensure that the rinks actually froze over throughout winter. A by-product of this refrigeration was a lot of excess heat, which is used to create the "hot" springs. So it's true that it is spring water, and it is hot, but unlike other naturally hot springs in New Zealand, the heating process here is artificial. You can read more here about the history of the springs.
Other Information Before You Go:
Location: Lakeside Drive, Lake Tekapo, Canterbury District, 230 km (approx. 3 hr drive) south-west of the Christchurch city centre.
Latitude:-43.994970 Longitude:170.461306
Getting there: From Christchurch head along State Hwy 1 through Ashburton to Orari, then take the Orani Station Road which links up to State Hwy 79 at Geraldine. From Geraldine, follow State Hwy 79 to Lake Tekapo. The hot springs are on the south-west corner of the lake, with a large car park at the end of Lakeside Drive. There are large signs from the town centre to the hot springs.

Facilities: Toilets, change rooms, showers, clothes spinner (centrifuge), shade sails, lockers (b.y.o. one and two dollar coins), cafe, raised decks for your towels, ice skating rink, winter ice tube, summer inflatable water slide, private spa and massage services available.
Entrance fee: There is an entry fee, with cheaper options available for multi-day passes, multi-activity passes and for groups or families. The waterslides are not included in the basic entry price. Towel and swimming costume hire is available for a modest fee if you don't have your own with you. Check here for the latest pricing.
Water temperature: Warm to Hot
Water clarity: Clear
Under foot: Concrete
Maximum water depth: 1-2 metres
Minimum swimming proficiency required: Beginners (under supervision)
Prohibitions including whether you can bring your dog: No pets, no smoking, infants under three must wear a swim nappy.
Sun shade: Shade available out of the water
Opening times: Open 10 am to 9 pm, 7 days per week. The skating rink is open Apri to September only.
Wheelchair access: Wheelchair accessible paths and toilets, and a hydraulic hoist available.
Managing authority: Tekapo Springs
Nearby attractions: Try outdoor the ice skating.
Before you head out, make sure to read the swimming safety information and check with the managing authority for any current change of conditions. The spring here is actually glacial and the water is chlorinated, so the managing authority advises that it is not unsafe to submerge your head in the water and it won't affect your jewellery.
Locality Map:
The marker indicates the approximate location of the spring complex. If the map is not zoomed in locally, as can sometimes occur when loading, simply click or tap on "View Larger Map" below.
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