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Who Are the Splash Rascals?

The Splash-Rascals bring to life shallow water recreation areas. You can find an introduction to each Splash-Rascal and some of their adventures below.

Splash-Rascal Bunny Rabbit

Splash-Rascal Bunny Rabbit Splash-Rascal Bunny Rabbit loves playing practical jokes and pushing buttons to see what happens. Bunny Rabbit can usually be found near splash parks and splash pads, but occasionally pops up elsewhere if trouble can be found. Below is a video of Bunny Rabbit exploring Booran Reserve in Melbourne.

Splash-Rascal Turtle

Splash-Rascal Turtle Splash-Rascal Turtle loves paddling and swimming in freshwater lakes, and spending time on lakeside beaches. Turtle is gentle, patient and safety conscious, and whilst only a slow swimmer, her arms can whip up the water in a frenzy of movement. Below is a video of Turtle taking a dip in Lake Fyans in western Victoria.

Splash-Rascal Mother Duck

Splash-Rascal Mother Duck Splash-Rascal Mother Duck looks after her ducklings with the greatest of care and love, but she can't watch them all the time. Occasionally her ducklings wander off to explore on their own. Mother Duck can be found swimming around in shallow meandering streams and lakes. Below is a video of Mother Duck racing to rescue her ducklings at Crocodile Park in Melbourne.

Splash-Rascal Froggy

Splash-Rascal Froggy Splash-Rascal Froggy likes to leap around rivers and rock-hop across artificial streams. Froggy is athletic, courageous and daring, and doesn't mind getting a little bit wet. Froggy also enjoys playing hide and seek. Below is a video of Froggy testing out one of the longest straight slides in Harleston Park in Melbourne.

Splash-Rascal Penguin

Splash-Rascal Penguin Splash-Rascal Penguin enjoys swimming in shallow entry ocean beaches. Penguin likes to bask in the sunshine on rocks at the water's edge, and dive into the water to chase little fish.

For parents and carers, I created the splash-rascals to have a bit of fun with my own kids. I hope yours enjoy them too.
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