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Cookies and Privacy: This site uses Google Analytics to help me track the number of visitors to my website, and related information such as where they are coming from and what content on my website they are viewing. This site also uses Google Adsense to place banner ads on the website to help fund my further content generation. I do not collect any personal information from you directly, other than (i) contact details provided by Paypal when you order my guide books, photographs or sponsorship options online, for the sole purpose of confirming and delivering that order to you and (ii) the contact details that you provide if using my contact forms, which are only used for the purposes of communicating with you, and for publishing your comment, your name and your town/city where you have provided consent for me to do so with the check box next to the comment submission button.

Affiliate Links: This site uses links to recommend products or services for which I may receive a commission if you purchase from the linked website. These links are tailored to be of most interest and usefulness to visitors to my website and help to fund my further content generation.

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