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Your guide to the best swimming holes

1. Order the Guide to Freshwater Swimmming Holes in Victoria, Australia

If you are travelling to my home State of Victoria, Australia here are my top 50 swimming holes around the State which make for great holiday destinations.

2. View Waterfall Seasons - The Waterfall Guide

It has information, directions, photos and videos of waterfalls that I have visited in my search for swimming holes. Great for a day trip, particularly when it is too cold or wet for a swim.

A wide range of photographs are available, including additional images that I could not fit onto my swimming hole website.

4. View my miscellaneous articles on WeekendNotes

Here are some occasional articles that I have written about fun and interesting things to do on the weekend, primarily in Melbourne, Australia.

Setting up the guide online has been a great opportunity to receive feedback from other swimmers around the world and learn about the other creative ideas that people have. One that I particularly liked was about Swimming Holes in the United States and Canada. This site has a interactive map of swimming holes and a description of each for travellers to the northern hemisphere. It's on my bucket list.

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