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Your guide to the best swimming holes

Freshwater Swimming Holes in Victoria - Order the Book

1. Order the Guide to Freshwater Swimmming Holes in Victoria, Australia

If you are travelling to my home State of Victoria, Australia here are my top 50 swimming holes around the State which make for great holiday destinations. The swimming holes are ranked by region and across the State, with an explanation for why I think each swim deserves to be in my top 50. First published in 2004, it is now in its fourth edition in hard copy or e-book format.

2. View Waterfall Seasons - The Waterfall Guide

It has information, directions, photos and videos of waterfalls that I have visited in my search for swimming holes. Great for a day trip, particularly when it is too cold or wet for a swim.

3. View my miscellaneous articles on WeekendNotes

Here are some occasional articles that I have written about fun and interesting things to do on the weekend, primarily in Melbourne, Australia. It mostly covers footy, food, swimming and a few outdoor spots in nature.

4. Meridian Maps

Meridian Maps If you are visiting some of my swimming holes in remote areas of Victoria, I strongly suggest you pick up some good quality topographic maps, particularly in areas without mobile phone coverage. Meridian Maps has some great, locally produced, annotated topographic maps across Victoria and interstate, specially created for bushwalking and 4WD enthusiasts. It includes both hard copy and digital maps.

5. NSW Ocean Pools

I have visited a handful of ocean pools in NSW, including some featured on my website, but Simon Duffin has visited all of them and still had time to fit in a coffee afterwards. A monumental effort going up and down the NSW coast over several years.

6. Swimming Holes in the United States and Canada

Setting up the guide online has been a great opportunity to receive feedback from other swimmers around the world and learn about the other creative ideas that people have. One that I particularly liked covers swimming holes in north America. This site has a interactive map of swimming holes and a description of each for travellers to the northern hemisphere. It's on my bucket list.

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