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Seville Water Play Park
Splash parks in Melbourne, Australia

Seville Water Play park was the first splash park of its kind in Melbourne in a visionary re-purposing of an ageing community swimming pool. The park is still one of the best in Melbourne, with 15 water jets ranging from the playful to the powerful. The strongest jets shoot several metres into the air like giant fountains that can be seen from the road nearby. The area is quite open, and there is plenty of room to dart in and out of the water as it dances up and down. The gurgling rock and smaller water jets at Seville Splash Park Above: The gurgling rock and smaller water jets at Seville Splash Park (Order this image)

At the northern end of the play area, water trickles down a giant rock monolith that children can place their hands on. The jets near the giant rock are the most gentle, and more suited to younger children. My youngest kept trying to look at the intermittently squirting jets, so I had to keep her away from the larger jets lest she get squirted in the eye.

If you have an inquisitive child, make sure you keep a lookout for this. Towards the middle of the water play area are the larger and more powerful jets, which are best suited to primary school aged children and above. At the southern end of the water jets there is a constructed natural stream bed that you can wander around in, plus a manual water corkscrew. The visual symphony of water fountains at Seville Splash Park Above: The visual symphony of water fountains at Seville Splash Park (Order this image)

To activate the water feature, look for the big round blue buttons that have a sensor in the middle. There are a couple around, including one on the tiled floor of the splash park that you can turn on by stepping on it. For parents who don't want to get wet, you can supervise your kids from the lawn area or while sitting along the former poolside that runs along the edge of the splash pad. However, I must admit I found the water jets too much fun to resist, so I recommend that adults dress to get wet too.

On my last visit there was a new playground under construction right next to the water play area, which will complement the existing water feature well.
Other Information Before You Go:
Location: Monbulk-Seville Road, Seville, 50 km (around 1 hr drive) east of the Melbourne CBD
Latitude:-37.777919 Longitude:145.460852
Getting there: By car, take Maroondah Hwy (34 and B300) to just past Lilydale then Warburton Hwy (B380) to Seville. Turn right at Monbulk-Seville Road in town at Seville. The park is on the corner, with street parking in front of the park. If you are coming from the southern suburbs of Melbourne, you can also reach the park via the Monbulk-Seville Road which runs around the back of the Dandenongs. By public transport, take a train to Lilydale station, then bus 683 to Seville. Buses run infrequently (around once per hour on weekdays), so check timetables to plan your journey.
General facilities: Toilets, picnic tables, playground, drinking fountain, rubbish bins, lawn area, car parking. There are barbecue facilities in the park across the road.
Baby change facilities: Yes, and the managing authority encourages you to use them to avoid contamination of the water in the water play area.
Sun shade: The western side of the water feature is shaded by large trees in the afternoon, but not in the morning. The eastern side of the water feature is in full sun most of the day. There are various large shady trees that provide full shade in the lawn area.
Entrance fee: None

Opening times: Always open. The water jets are only turned on in warmer months, typically from late September through to April.
Wheelchair access: Wheelchair accessible paths. The water jets are wheelchair accessible, but the dry creek bed downstream of the water jets is not. The toilet is not designated as wheelchair accessible.
Prohibitions: Do not drink the water or use the water fountains to wash hands. No glass or sharp objects, no pets. Children who are not toilet trained must use a swimming nappy covered by snugly fitting rubber pants. Do not enter water play area if you have had diarrhoea within the last two weeks.
Accommodation Options: If you are visiting Melbourne and want to stay near this water feature, you can try the following options around Seville. All distances below are by road, not as the crow flies.
Nearby accommodation option:Distance from park:
Dalblair BnB 1.7 km
Seville Estate 1.9 km
Wild Cattle Creek 2.5 km
Booking your accommodation via these links may result in a commission (at no additional cost to the price of the linked item) to swimmingholeheaven.com that helps maintain and enhance this website.
Managing authority: Yarra Ranges Council
Nearby attractions: The new playground next to the water play area.
Before you head out, make sure to read the water safety information and check with the managing authority for any current change of conditions.
Locality Map:
The marker indicates the location of the splash park. If the map is not zoomed in locally, as can occur with some browsers, simply click or tap on "View Larger Map" below.
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