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Swimming Hole Heaven in North East Victoria
Your guide to the best swimming holes

These swimming holes are all located in North East Victoria, including spots in the Mount Buffalo National Park, the Alpine National Park and along the River Murray. This area generally has the cleanest (and often pristine) waters in the State, and you are more likely to find water in this region during a drought. Many swimming spots in the area are the legacy of past gold mining activities. Swimming Hole Heaven in North East Victoria Above: Discover swimming holes such as Lake Catani on swimmingholeheaven.com (Order this image)

Feel free to browse the online version, which includes many of my favourite spots. If you are looking for more, you can order the full guide for a curated list of my top 50 swimming holes in Victoria.
Select Your Swimming Hole in North East Victoria:
Click or tap on the title or photo of each swimming spot below to find your next swimming adventure in North East Victoria, or alternatively search by map. Swim safe, have fun and remember that no matter how cold the water is, it's alright once you're in!

Lake Buffalo

Swimming Hole Heaven - Lake Buffalo, Myrtleford A large, north-facing irrigation storage with oodles of fresh, clean water from the surrounding national park. Lake Buffalo looks at its best in late Spring and early summer when it is usually close to full, with designated swimming areas on both sides of the lake…

Lake Catani

Swimming Hole Heaven - Lake Catani, Mount Buffalo National Park This alpine lake with a shimmering golden granite floor has its own little beach, a jetty, and three swimming areas suitable for a dip in summer. It was surprisingly warm given its altitude at approximately 1300 metres above sea level…

Lake Nillahcootie

Swimming Hole Heaven - Lake Nillahcootie This flat, shallow, north-facing lake at relatively low elevation heats up earlier in the year and is a bit warmer for swimming than most other large reservoirs in Victoria. Perfect for a springtime swim when venturing outdoors into the water again after a winter hibernation…

Ovens River at Nimmo Bridge, Myrtleford

Swimming Hole Heaven - Ovens River at Nimmo Bridge A long, diagonal chute of water cuts through a layer of jagged bedrock before gushing out into a deep hole in the Ovens River. The river then opens out into a wide and more tranquil pool for swimming, a legacy of a past mining mishap…

Ovens River at Porepunkah Riverside Park

Swimming Hole Heaven - Ovens River at Porepunkah Riverside Park A small weir backs up the flow to create a long, deep river pool for swimming in the Ovens River, including a seasonal lifesaving service and a toddler pool in the playground. It is great for lap swimming against the current…

Rocky Valley Reservoir

Swimming Hole Heaven - Rocky Valley Reservoir On the mountain plain near Falls Creek resort, this is swimming with nothing over your head except the roof of the world. Granted, it's cold, in fact very cold, but it's the closest we have to high altitude swimming training, and was the home to Australia's first official ice mile swim…

Lake Sambell, Beechworth

Swimming Hole Heaven - Lake Sambell, Beechworth Lake Sambell is an ornamental lake on the outskirts of Beechworth in north-east Victoria. It has two designated beaches for swimming, but conditions have deteriorated with the lake being drawn down whilst the dam wall is being repaired…

Tronoh Dredge Hole, Harrietville

Swimming Hole Heaven - Tronoh Dredge Hole This picturesque lake and former mining dredge hole is hidden in the forest behind the town. The lake has its own quirkily named jetty and a swimming pontoon, however algal blooms have been an ongoing problem in this otherwise ideal swimming spot…

Lake William Hovell

Swimming Hole Heaven - Lake William Hovell This jet-ski and motor boat free lake at the top of the King River Valley is an uncomplicated swim with plenty of clear water for long distance swimming in any direction, surrounded by bush shores, with a shallow beach and lawn area for family picnics…
Historical (but now defunct) Swimming Holes:
Click or tap on the title or photo of each swimming spot to explore some of the oft-forgotten history of outdoor swimming in North East Victoria. These are from a time before Olympic swimming pools came into vogue and the rise of the nanny state took over.

Lake Eildon at Pinniger Rd

Swimming Hole Heaven - Lake Eildon at Pinniger Rd I visited this swimming spot on Pinniger Rd with a group of friends in the late 1980s and again in the early 2000s, but now it seems they paved paradise and put up a parking lot so that boats have somewhere to park while waiting to access the boat ramp…
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Seven Creeks Park, Euroa

Swimming Hole Heaven - Seven Creeks Park, Euroa The weir across Seven Creeks at Euroa formed the pre-Olympic swimming pool for the town and was home to picnics and school swimming carnivals. It's murky and mysterious, but a window into country town swimming before the Olympic spirit gripped the nation…
Free Splash Parks, Splash Pads and Water Features for Kids:
Click or tap on the title or photo of each free public splash park if you want to have some family fun in the water, but the kids are not quite proficient enough to venture into a swimming hole.

Bright Splash Park

Swimming Hole Heaven Splash Zone: Bright Splash Park This free splash park fits neatly within the riverside park to breathe new life into this already great open space in Bright, alongside the Ovens River and Morses Creek. It has several sprinklers, geizers, spraying hoops and a giant tipping bucket…

Gallipoli Park, Marysville

Swimming Hole Heaven Splash Zone: Gallipoli Park, Marysville This park and playground has various hand operated water features within the park itself, plus the shallow, pebbled stream of crystal clear, cold water in the Steavenson River that you can rest or frolic in directly behind the water features…

Mitchell Ave Splash Park, Wangaratta

Mitchell Ave Splash Park, Wangaratta A multi-level splash park that includes two fortified hills with water cannons, each with sub-terranean tunnels that have their own underground sprinklers, plus a bunch of other water features including a ferocious tipping bucket. The splash park is fully fenced, with an adjacent basketball court and dry playground…

Yarrawonga Foreshore Splash Pad

Swimming Hole Heaven Splash Zone: Yarrawonga Foreshore Splash Pad Alongside Lake Mulwala, this free little splash pad has a vertical sprinkler ring and a range of gurglers and water jets. It's only small, but can form part of a day enjoying a picnic on the foreshore, a swim in the lakeside pool or a few runs down the giant waterslide…
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Other Swimming Spots:
To find other swimming spots in and around north east Victoria, order a copy of the Guide to Freshwater Swimming Holes in Victoria, which includes more of my favourite swimming holes plus additional information about some of the ones that I've shared online. Alternatively there are several swimming holes in and around Melbourne, western Victoria, Gippsland or across the border in NSW that you can visit in an afternoon or day trip. If you know of a swimming hole in north east Victoria that you think I should visit, suggest a site.

Too cold for a swim? Visit a waterfall

Waterfall Seasons of Victoria - The Waterfall Guide My companion website Waterfall Seasons of Victoria lists all of the waterfalls that I have visited during my search for swimming holes. You can swim at some of them, but most are just for viewing and admiring. Great for a day trip when it's too chilly to get into the water.

Before you head out, make sure to read the swimming safety information.

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