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Bexhill Quarry
Bexhill, New South Wales

This former brick quarry brings some swimming hole bling with its bright turquoise water in otherwise scrubby surroundings. This swim comes with a warning up front that it is highly acidic with high levels of manganese and aluminium in past chemical testing. Swimming at Bexhill Quarry Above: The turquoise water at Bexhill Quarry (Order this image)

Possibly confused about whether it is a swimming hole or a tip, the site has an interesting collection of discarded objects scattered on the shore and dumped into the water, including old cyclone wire fences and complete sections of a former brick wall.
The water is crystal clear, but the bed of the quarry around the shore is somewhat powdery, stirring up sediment when disturbed. Swimming at Bexhill Quarry Above: Bricks and blocks under the water at Bexhill Quarry (Order this image)

The site is quite secluded despite its short distance from the main road. Small groups of teenagers can be heard chatting in the long grass, emerging stealthily every now and then to slide into the water and cool down.
With no signage, poor access along the eroded track, dubious water quality, and a wasteland around the shoreline, this is a grungier swim than most. Swimming at Bexhill Quarry Above: The track from the roadside parking area that leads to Bexhill Quarry (Order this image)

There is a local facebook group that is lobbying for the quarry site to be turned into parklands, which would make this swim more hospitable, assuming that swimming is not closed for good with further water quality testing.
Other Information Before You Go:
Location: Coleman Street (Bangalow Road, B62), Bexhill, 9 km (approx. 10 min drive) north east of Lismore and 190 km (approx. 2-3 hr drive) south of Brisbane.
Latitude:-28.763992 Longitude:153.344714
Getting there: From Lismore, head north east along Bangalow Road (B62) for 9 km until you reach Bexhill. The parking area for the quarry is on the western side of the road, next to the bus stop and opposite the primary school. It is a 100 metre walk along the old vehicle access track to the quarry pit. There is a bus stop at the quarry, but I am not sure where it runs from and to.

Facilities: None. There is a general store 340 metres up the road.
Entrance fee: None
Water temperature: Mild
Water clarity: Clear
Under foot: Silt, rock and various random objects
Maximum water depth: Greater than 2 metres
Minimum swimming proficiency required: Experienced swimmers due to the water depth and poor water quality
Prohibitions including whether you can bring your dog: None stated on site
Sun shade: Limited to no shade in and out of the water
Opening times: Always open
Wheelchair access: None
Accommodation Options: See my accommodation suggestions close to Bexhill Quarry.
Managing authority: None stated on site
Nearby attractions: Whian Whian Falls, 17 km to the north
Before you head out, make sure to read the swimming safety information. Whilst this is a popular swimming spot, due to the reported poor water quality, underwater hazards and lack of throughflow through the pit lake, I am not recommending that you swim here.
Locality Map:
The marker indicates the approximate location of the roadside parking area in front of the quarry. If the map is not zoomed in locally, as can sometimes occur when loading, simply click or tap on "View Larger Map" below.
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