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Swimming Hole Heaven on the NSW South Coast
Your guide to the best swimming holes

This is my guide to some amazing estuaries, ocean pools, waterfalls, rivers and lakes for swimming along the south coast of NSW, from Woollongong to Eden. The best time of year for swimming in the outdoors in this region is roughly from September to April, when the weather is warmer, with most estuaries along the coast offering better swimming conditions when their entrance is open. Below are the swimming holes that I have been lucky enough to visit in this region so far. Swimming Hole Heaven on the south coast of NSW Above: Discover swimming holes such as Nangudga Lake at Handkerchief Beach on swimmingholeheaven.com (Order this image)
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Click on the heading of each location to find your next swimming day trip or holiday destination or alternatively search by map. Swim safe, have fun and remember that no matter how cold the water is, it's alright once you're in!
Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls and Estuaries:

Brogo Dam near Bega

Swimming Hole Heaven - Brogo Dam, Bega Brogo Dam is a peaceful swimming spot, situated in the tranquil surrounds of the Wadbilliga National Park near Bega. Floating out in the middle of the lake, turning away from the dam wall, it is hard to imagine that the rest of the world still exists…

Corunna Lake Picnic Area

Swimming Hole Heaven - Corunna Lake, Narooma Popular with water-skiers and jet-skiers that park their boats on the beach, this saltwater lake is best for swimming on a weekday when the water craft are not around and you can enjoy a swim and a lakeside bbq lunch in this neat and picturesque little picnic area…

Corunna Lake at Corunna Point

Swimming Hole Heaven - Corunna Point, Narooma The outlet of Corunna Lake is a long, sandy channel that bifurcates around a sandbar at the ocean. It's a bit trickier to reach than other estuaries along this stretch of coastline, but with generally swifter currents the tubing opportunities on the change of tides are great…

Cuttagee Lake

Swimming Hole Heaven - Cuttagee Lake A family friendly swimming spot in an estuary on the Sapphire Coast. Bring a lilo and float on the rapid outgoing tide or play in the sandy shallows. The shifting sands make this swim different every year but always heaps of fun…

Mumbulla Creek Falls

Swimming Hole Heaven - Mumbulla Creek Falls Take the plunge off this thrilling natural rock slide into a bottomless pool in the Biamanga National Park, if you dare. Please leave the boom boxes and the alcohol at home at this site of Aboriginal cultural significance for young men, that has the best natural rock slide I have ever experienced…

Mummuga Lake Inlet at Dalmeny Beach

Swimming Hole Heaven - Mummuga Lake Inlet, Dalmeny Use the shiny new hand rail to keep your balance as you step down from the smooth concrete steps into a deep pool in this sometimes fast flowing estuary. Great for snorkelling or floating in either direction, or head to nearby sandbar for a rest…

Nangudga Lake at Handkerchief Beach (Barunga Point)

Swimming Hole Heaven - Nangudga Lake at Handkerchief Beach (Barunga Point) This tube run stretches for over 300 metres along a narrow outlet channel with a huge sandy beach alongside. Launch your inflatable on the outgoing high tide for the best swimming conditions. This swim offers good shade and wind cover if it is blustery elsewhere…

Nethercote Falls

Swimming Hole Heaven - Nethercote Falls Enjoy swimming in a long, deep pool with cliffs on three sides and a waterfall at one end at this picturesque swimming hole on the South Coast. Recently made even harder to get to, but it's still one of the best in the State…
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Ocean Pools:

Bermagui Blue Pool

Swimming Hole Heaven - Bermagui Blue Pool A stunning lap pool on the edge of the Pacific Ocean with a huge rock wall on one side and uninterupted views along the coastline. One of the few salt water swims that is good enough to stand alongside my favourite freshwater swimming holes…

Bruce Steer Pool, Bermagui

Swimming Hole Heaven - Bruce Steer Pool, Bermagui This long ocean pool offers a gently sloping beach entry, sheltered by the headland and the breakwater of the Bermagui harbour, with magnificent mountain views. A preferred option if the wind is howling at the Blue Pool or if the stingers have arrived at the beach…

Narooma Swimming Enclosure at Bar Beach (South)

Swimming Hole Heaven - Narooma Swimming Enclosure at Bar Beach (South) A 100 metre long netted swimming enclosure just inside the breakwater at the Narooma Harbour. It gets deep quickly, with a little bit of swell, but it's great for snorkelling out near the net that several types of fish have made their home…

Each swimming spot includes a link to swimming safety information. Please make sure you read that information before you head out, particularly if you are an inexperienced swimmer.

I'm always interested in hearing about and visiting new swimming holes, so feel free to share them with me and suggest a swim.

Too cold or wet for a swim? Visit a waterfall

Waterfall Seasons - The Waterfall Guide My companion website Waterfall Seasons - The Waterfall Guide lists all of the waterfalls that I have visited during my search for swimming holes. You can swim at some of them, but most are just for viewing and admiring. Great for a day trip when it's too chilly to get into the water.

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