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Forster-Tuncurry Ocean and River Pools
Swimming Hole Heaven in NSW

These two towns connected by a bridge across the Coolongoolook River also share some amazing swimming spots at local ocean and river pools. There is an ocean baths, a netted swimming enclosure, a netted river baths, and an ocean rock pool, all within a 1 kilometre radius of the Forster town centre. Swimming Hole Heaven in Forster-Tuncurry Above: Discover swimming spots such as Forster Ocean Baths on swimmingholeheaven.com (Order this image)
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Click or tap on the link or thumbnail of each swim to find out more, including photos, videos, how to get there, and my review after getting into the water. Plan your next holiday or day trip to this great spot on the NSW mid-north coast. Swim safe, have fun and remember that no matter how cold the water is, it's alright once you're in!

Forster Ocean Baths

Swimming Hole Heaven - Forster Ocean Baths A great all-rounder in Forster, not only for long lap swimming, but also for playing around in the shallows or for snorkelling along the barnacle-covered back wall that is home to various small fish that have made their way into the pool…

Little Street Baths, Forster

Swimming Hole Heaven - Little Street Baths A 50 metre pool in the Wallis Lake estuary, this tidal pool has a narrow strip of deeper water for swimming laps, with the added bonus of an over-water cafe next door and a jetty all around the pool. Mainly for lap swimming rather than snorkelling…

The Tanks, Forster

Swimming Hole Heaven - The Tanks, Forster Head into the trenches with surf exploding overhead in this sandy channel, behind a line of jagged rocks that run parallel to the beach. Best for swimming at low tide, protected from the wind, when the seas are calmer, as it can get pretty rough when the tide is in and when there is a large swell…

Tuncurry Rock Pool

Swimming Hole Heaven - Tuncurry Rock Pool Not your traditional rock pool, this netted swimming enclosure in between breakwater walls is an excellent option for an early morning swim and post-swim coffee or breakfast at the rock pool cafe. Expect a large audience of passers-by watching your stroke technique…

Each swimming spot includes a link to swimming safety information. Please make sure you read that information before you head out, particularly if you are an inexperienced swimmer.

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