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Swimming Hole Heaven in New Zealand
Your guide to the best swimming holes

Swimming Hole Heaven in New Zealand New Zealand offers some spectacular summer swims, as well as several hot springs for swimming in the outdoors all year round. It is one of the few places in the world with a myriad of pristine streams with excellent water quality for swimming. Sure, the water temperature can be excruciatingly cold in some places, particularly the glacier fed lakes, but if you time your swim right and choose the right lakes, once in the water you will be rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views on the planet.

Whilst I have visited both the north and south island, Swimming Hole Heaven only documents my swims from a recent trip to the south island, which includes two hot springs and a few lakes.
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Click or tap on the heading of each location to find your next swimming trip or holiday destination. Swim safe, have fun and remember that no matter how cold the water is, it's alright once you're in!
South Island Hot Springs

Hanmer Springs, Canterbury Region

Swimming Hole Heaven - Hanmer Springs The biggest public hot spring complex on the South Island with the widest range of pool temperatures and water-based activities, including a lazy river and several giant water slides. It's under two hours drive from Christchurch to this little hamlet in the hills…

Tekapo Hot Springs, Canterbury Region

Swimming Hole Heaven - Tekapo Springs Nestled into the side of a pine forest mountain and overlooking Lake Tekapo across to a snow capped divide, this is possibly the most spectacular hot spring in New Zealand. The water is chlorinated so you can fully immerse yourself under the water to remove the chills from any part of your body, with ice skating and ice tube rides available before our after your dip…

Christchurch's Warmest Pools

Christchurch's Warmest Pools Can't make it to a hot spring, so you're looking for the warmest indoor pool near you? Here is a list of the water temperature in the warmest pool and the warmest lap pool in every public swimming pool in Christchurch. Perfect for both the squibs and for the dedicated winter swimmer…

NZ Travel Tips

Swimming Hole Heaven - NZ Travel Tips New Zealand was much easier for travelling than I expected, even in the mountain ranges of the south island. Here are some tips that might help your trip to run smoother such as when to visit, eating in New Zealand (including gluten free eating), hiring a car, etc…

Each swimming spot includes a link to swimming safety information. Please make sure you read that information before you head out, particularly if you are an inexperienced swimmer.

I'm always interested in hearing about and visiting new swimming holes, so feel free to share them with me and suggest a swim.

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